Directional HTML tag in Help Center articles is not displaying the correct text direction Follow

Issue Symptoms

When using a directional tag via Help Center articles in the source code editor Zendesk will not display the correct text direction (i.e. in the case of Arabic text using the dir="rtl" tag) upon publishing the article.


Must have added directional tags into the source code editor for the article in question via the Help Center.


By default, the Help Center quarantines unsafe HTML tags and attributes in pages to reduce the risk of somebody introducing malicious code. The unsafe HTML is not stripped from your pages on the server. Rather, it's not included in the HTTP responses sent to browsers. As a result, pages with certain tags might not render as intended in browsers.

What this boils down to is that the "direction" tag is not included in either the directly "Safe" or the directly "Unsafe" list of tags, so it is by design automatically placed in the "Unsafe" section. Therefore when you go to post your "direction" alignment in your Help Center article our system is stripping out the tag due to it being considered "Unsafe" by the system.

To learn how to allow "Unsafe" content in your HelpCenter, or if you would like to read more in-depth on the subject, be sure to check out our article on the subject here. 

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