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    Hi Jennifer,

    I would like the articles to be displayed without an author. and without a time stamp on when they were created. Is this possible?


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    Jennifer Rowe

    Hi Georgia,

    You should be able to do that by customizing your theme, but I'm sorry, I do not know the code for that.

    We do have a support tip about how to display a generic author on all your articles, so you might consider that. 

    We don't have a tip about hiding the timestamp, as far as I know. You can check out all of our Help Center tips here.

    And you might consider posting your question in the Community. We have a lot of HC experts there!

    Good luck!

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    James (Edited )

    Hi Jennifer,

    Is it possible to disallow change of authors? We're trying to create KPI measurements based on article creation, and don't want people to "steal" articles :)

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    Jupete Manitas

    Hi James,

    Thanks for writing! I'm sorry to inform you that it is currently not supported function as of the moment. I'll consider this as a product feedback and I encourage you to post this on our product feedback page: where our Product Management team and other Zendesk users discuss possible new features and suggest workarounds.


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