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How can new team inboxes be added?


To add a new team inbox:

  1. If this is your first team inbox, select Add a team inbox.
  2. If you already have an email address created that you would like to add you can choose Gmail, Google Group or Another Provider. Otherwise select Create an email address for me
Note: Using Another provider you will need to set up a forwarding rule to (see Forwarding incoming emails to Zendesk Support).

To add an additional team inbox select:

  1. Select the drop down for All Inboxes > Add team inbox.
  2. To remove a team inbox select All Inboxes > Edit.
  3. Select the team inbox you would like to delete followed by Delete this inbox.
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    Where do you go within the ZD app to see/add/update your team inbox?? -- nevermind, I see on another article that you have to set it up separately.

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