How to reset all users' default language in Support

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  • Brandon Kreines

    Does this actually work? This says that you cannot change language via bulk import.

  • Hervin Centeno

    Hi Brandon,

    That is a great question, and good eye pointing that out! I have been going over the article you linked and reviewing the information there. From my understanding of the bulk user import feature, you may not be able to set a user's language preference from a user import but you can clear existing data in a user's profile. 

    Data is cleared from their user profile when there are empty columns of data under a specified field, like Language for example. So in this case, while you may not set one's language, you can clear it from their user profile.

  • Brandon Kreines

    Thanks Hervin! I had tried to do this myself and it wasn't working for me. So I wasn't sure if I was doing it wrong or if the system just doesn't allow it. I'll give it another shot.


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