How can I test a new email template?

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  • Christa White

    We could really use this feature!

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey, Christa - 

    I see that this is your first post. Welcome to the Zendesk Community! I encourage you to introduce yourself on our Welcome thread

    To clarify, what feature are you looking for? 

  • Alex McFarlane

    I'm assuming Christa means she would like a way of testing a version of the email template.

    It's one thing to say 'immediately create a test ticket', but if tickets are constantly being received and responded to, there may well be no window for testing.

    A means of creating and testing a draft template which you can then copy to live would be helpful.

  • João Moraes

    This is a basic feature, please implement that.

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Joao and Alex - 

    Thanks for the feedback. I encourage you to share it in the Product Feedback topic, along with the details of why the workaround doesn't work well for you. That way the product managers will see it; comments shared to KB articles don't usually get reviewed by the product teams. 

    We haven't seen many requests for this functionality, but perhaps others will lend their voices and votes to a thread over there. 

  • Alex McFarlane

    I'm not really sure how much more explanation this needs.

    The 'workaround' isn't a workaround - it doesn't do anything to let you test a new template **before** applying it to the live environment.

  • Charlie Gower

    This is a basic feature - how are you expected to test or preview an automated email? 


    It seems like nothing has been done in the last year to fix the above? 

  • Alex McFarlane


    I wouldn't hold your breath - there's a number of very straightforward, obvious improvements to the core product (Support) which Zendesk don't appear interested in addressing (, for example) I assume because there is an emphasis on new products which will expand growth.  

    It's a shame because we find it a great product in lots of ways, but there seems to be little development time available to fix these types of issue.


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