Conditional Fields App erasing ticket field data

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  • Pedro Rodrigues
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    Hi Anna, let's say I have 3 custom fields I'm populating via API when a ticket is created. They're internal, however, so I'd like to hide them from the agent interface with Conditional Fields. Will they still have values despite not being shown? Or should I use something else (like the "Hidden Ticket Fields" app) for this?

    EDIT: I've tested this on a couple of cases on our Sandbox, and it seems that as long as the 3 fields are part of the main form, they preserve the values. But any confirmation is most welcome!

  • Matt Savage
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    Why does the visibility of a field impact the data held in it?  The fields still exist on the form, they are simply hidden from the UI by the app.  You can still update these fields via the API or by bulk update processes when "hide" conditions are met, so it doesn't appear to have any validation logic that blocks data from being added at update time.  It doesn't make sense that this data would be modified in any way, even if the form itself or the conditional values changed.

    @Pedro - the fields I have are most definitely on the form and the form & it's conditional values both aren't changing, yet values are still being wiped by... something, which I suspect is somehow still this app.

  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hi Matt,

    As Anna mentions above this is actually expected behavior. We are working on our own native conditional fields feature outside the app so it may be worth signing up for this EAP to see if this better suits your needs: Conditional Fields EAP Sign-up

    Once you have access to the EAP you'll be able to provide feedback directly to our Product Managers for review.

    Hope the above information helps!

  • DJ Jimenez
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    This behavior from Conditional Fields is inconsistent with the rest of Zendesk's ticket flow. Currently:

    • If a ticket field is not on a ticket form, any value entered into it is retained.
    • If a ticket field is on a ticket form and the form is changed to one that does not have that ticket field (or "hidden"), that field value is retained.
    • If a ticket field is on a ticket form and then hidden by Conditional Fields, that field value gets wiped.

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