How to remove external IDs from a user

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  • Leo Hernandez

    Thank you, this helped solve our "User is invalid because of external/email has already been taken" due to mismatched external ids or emails.

  • Jason Harlowe

    Is there way via API to remove / update the external id for an organization? 

  • Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Jason!

    I did a quick check of our developer documentation, and I see an endpoint for the external user ID in there. It's also possible to update a user (or many users) via API, so I would extrapolate from that that it should be possible to do this.

    I'm no API expert, though, so that's all the help I can give. I'd recommend cross-posting this question over to our Developer Community; there are a lot of users there with a high level of technical know-how who may be able to help!

  • Xavier Bonnefoy


    I tried to import user data (in fact setting external_id for a user), but I don't have any menu like "bulk user import", only "bulk organisation import". Were is my problem ?



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