How to remove external IDs from a user Follow


External ID is an optional user field that cannot be set, updated, or unset in a user's profile in the agent interface. The easiest way to alter this field is through a bulk user import.


External IDs are usually set by SSO, but they can also be set/updated/removed via the API and user imports. Users with External IDs cannot be merged, and conflicts can arise with authentication if a user's External ID and email do not match. Both of these scenarios would require you to remove or edit the user's External ID before proceeding. The easiest way to do that is using the bulk user import tool.


  • In Google Sheets, create a spreadsheet with three columns titled "name," "email," and "external_id" (make sure to type those out exactly.)
  • For each user that you want to edit, enter their name and email address as it is currently listed in their user profile
  • If you want to remove that user's external ID, leave the third column blank. If you want to edit their external ID, enter the correct external ID in the third column.
  • Click File > Download as > Comma-separated values
  • In the agent interface, click Admin > Manage > People, and in the right sidebar, select Bulk user import.
  • Under Select CSV file, select the file you just created
  • Make sure the Update existing users option is enabled
  • Click Import
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