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Connect users need to install a code snippet on their website or Help Center, to deliver In-Product Message campaigns.

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Installing the Connect code snippet on your website

There are three parts to the code snippet, you need to install all three to have Connect campaigns working correctly. See image below:

The first part, the 'Embeddable Code Snippet' is the same as the one used by the Web Widget (they are built on the same technical architecture):

  • You do not need the Web Widget installed on your website to use Connect but the Web Widget and Connect can co-exist on the same website, they complement each other!
  • If a customer already has the Web Widget on their website, they should keep the Embeddable Code Snippet (Part 1. in the image above) they have and only add zE.identify (if they do not use it already - part 2. in the image above) and zE.activateIpm (part 3. in the image above) to their website.
To add Zendesk Connect to a website, a customer needs to copy and paste all parts of the code into their website’s HTML source code between the <head> and </head> making sure to complete the TODO sections in the zE.identify section:
  • These lines of the code should be completed with the currently logged-in user's name and email address.

The zE.identify part of the code is the connection between the customer website and the Zendesk platform, indicating when a specific individual has logged-in. At this point we can check if an in-product message campaign should be shown to them.

All the code above (parts 1, 2 and 3) must be inserted into every page that a customer wants to use Zendesk Connect to track interactions and proactively message customers.

Customers can find their code snippet in Connect from the getting started page:

Adding the code snippet to your Help Center

Adding Connect to your Help Center is a much simpler process than adding it to your website.

To add Connect to your Help Center

  1. On the Connect Getting Started page, click Get snippet.
  2. On the Installing the snippet page, click Install now.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click the checkbox to select Automatically add snippet to your Help Center, then click Okay.

    The snippet is added to your Help Center code, and you can now send in-product message campaigns to your customers, which they will see when they log in to the Help Center portal!

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