Can I make a contact form or Web Widget for my Inbox account? Follow


Is it possible to create a contact form or Web Widget for Inbox?


There is a configurable contact form, much like the Web Widget.

To add a contact form to your Inbox account

  1. Select Menu inbox-menu.png > Contact Form
  2. Select a team inbox to link the contact form to:
  3. Click Save
  4. Embed the code snippet into your website's HTML code between the <head> tags.
Note: If you don’t want the form to display on every page, this code must be inserted into every page that you wish to display the widget.

At this time it is not possible to set up multiple contact forms to link to different team inboxes. If you have several different team inboxes, it may be beneficial to create a general inquiries team inbox to route these to and use a triage workflow to assign conversations to various team inboxes:

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