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    Barry Schwartz

    Are there future plans to have the search feature look through all brands and not just the brand associated with the ticket? Sometimes a solution in an article on another brand might apply to the one associated to the ticket, but it is not in the ticket brand yet.

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    +1 to the comment from Barry Schwartz

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    Antonio Naddeo

    We have 3 brands and and our Help Center is localized in 4 languages. Looks like the app only is able to search in the default language of our zendesk which is Spanish. If a ticket is created in German, French or Italian the app doesn't browse the respective help center and give no results. In Spanish works fine. 

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    Phil Dean

    Agreed need to search multiple brands also allow to link internal agent facing articles to the ticket.  Plus on reporting regarding Top 10 linked articles would be much easier to display the Title of the article and not just the Article ID as just displaying a string of numbers is not useful s you have no idea what the actually article is


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    Joel Hellman

    Can we add to the article that any created ticket using the flag feature will use Channel=API? I don't know if you plan to add a separate channel for the Capture activities when this goes out of beta, but this might be helpful to know when you setup business rules to route these flagged tickets, and it might not be obvious. 

    Maybe we could even add a hint how route flagged tickets? Something like this could be a starting point:

    Condition ALL
    Ticket Is: Created
    Tags contains: knowledge_capture_flagged_article
    Channel Is: Web service (API)


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    Heidi Washington

    It doesn't seem like it pulls up articles that are related in as an efficient manner as Answer Suggestion.  I've typed in the same words and gotten different results between the two apps.  Can we have it search in the same way as Answer Suggestion?  Those articles are more related to the search terms I'm finding.

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    Jennifer Haight

    It would be helpful to have the pre-filled subject search cleared when you click into that field. I keep typing over the subject text instead of getting a blank field to type in. 

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    Deepa Daniels

    Great feature request Jennifer, please add it to our Knowledge Capture Beta Community so others an upvote and add to it. Thanks! 

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    Deepa Daniels

    @Heidi, Thank you for your feedback. I will also encourage you to post it in the beta community. Please add any specific search relevancy feedback to this post. 

    Answer Suggestion uses the Agent Help Center Search API - No breadcrumbs, sometimes different results, no awareness of content access restrictions. 
    The KC app auto search searches against only the ticket subject but it does search both article titles and body via the Help Center End-user search API.
    Maybe thats more information then you wanted. :) To summarize, both apps search the title and body but from different search services resulting in sometimes different results. 
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    Mindaugas Verkys


    Our agents failing insert links on articles that are restricted, because they can't see that from sidebar. After our clients replying that they are not able to see the content... 

    Any solutions?

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    Norm Afif


    Are you able to explain how the search algorithm works in the KC app? I get a different order of results in KC App compared to the Help Centre when searching the same term.


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