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The Zendesk Apps Framework allows you to extend your Zendesk Support instance to get what your team needs out of a support tool. Until today, you've been able to access a few locations along the perimeter of the Zendesk UI: Top bar, Nav bar, Sidebar.

Today we're introducing the new Editor Apps location directly in the editor toolbar. 



When can I get them?

You're able to start installing Editor Apps starting today. Head to the Zendesk Apps Marketplace to see the new Edit & Compose category. 

Are there requirements to install these apps?

You'll need to have the Rich Text Editor to install apps in this location. Learn more about your editor options.

What's new?

Apps can now be given a new location within the Rich Text Editor. They appear as native looking icons in the editor toolbar -right alongside the native formatting and attachment icons. 

To interact with these apps, you can click on their icons to open the editor app's a popover. This popover's size, content, and layout are determined by the app developer. Some apps will have options for you to find files in external accounts, other apps will let you annotate screenshots directly from your editor, and others like the Emoji app below will let you insert objects into the editor.


How can I use these apps?

We heard your needs for apps that integrate with the compose experience and give you the flexibility to connect to third party services. These are the top things we heard from you:

  1. Accessing cloud storage in a more native way
  2. Introducing easier options to add rich media to internal and external communication 
  3. Integrate deeper with screenshot/screencast/annotation tools
  4. Surface more formatting options
  5. Integrate with third-party productivity tools like translators, grammar checkers, spell checkers, etc.

We've worked with a few partners to bring solutions to some of these problems. Check out the Zendesk Apps Marketplace to take these for a spin.

Under the hood

Beyond opening up a new app location, we're also exposing some new APIs that directly interact with the editor. If you're interested in building a private or public app, here's what's going to be available:

Ability to trigger any native formatting options.

  • Invoke Bold
  • Invoke Italic
  • Invoke Indent
  • Invoke Outdent
  • Invoke Unordered List
  • Invoke Ordered List
  • Invoke Blockquote
  • Invoke Codespan
  • Invoke Codeblock
  • Invoke Hyperlink

Ability to insert an inline image.

Ability to resize the popover.

Ability to programmatically close the popover.

This editor location can also use the powerful APIs currently available for the Zendesk Apps Framework to read user, organization, and comment data.

Build your own app

You have a few options when you're thinking of apps. You can either install an existing app or build your own app. If you're thinking of experimenting with building out your own app, check out our Apps Framework documentation to learn about this new location. Please share any editor app ideas or works in progress here! We're listening to feedback that would make this location even more powerful.

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    HI - This is awesome!

    Is this just for the Agent interface? Ie The Wistia app would be great to have in the HelpCenter editor as well :-)

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    YEESSSS! Congrats team! So exciting to see this. I'm like 2 seconds away from installing the Cloud app.

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    And equally exciting is seeing YOU here! :)

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    Aww, shucks, JRowe... -blush-

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