What are my ticket export options?

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  • Jessie Schutz
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    Hi Andrea!

    I'm not sure I understand your question here...are you trying to export your ticket data, or are you trying to export something from the Advanced Search App?

  • Sean McPartlin
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    we exported data using CSV.  we though that would be the simplest way to load tix into a MS SQL database for historical review.  However, we noticed the attachments are missing from the CSV export.      

    What if we did XML export?  Would attachments be in the XML file?  

    What are our options to export the attachments and keep them in order with each ticket?

  • Patrick Bosmans
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    Hello Sean,

    Our export files do not include the attachments themselves, but instead, links to where those attachments are hosted.

    This is by design for a few reasons, in part because including the attachments would bloat the file and we would be unable to email a file that could grow into hundreds of gbs.  But also because users can request export files regularly and creating a file of that size can lock up our resources that could cause performance issues across accounts.

    I know that other customers have asked about this type of feature in the past and we have recommended posting in our Feedback Forum to see if our Dev team could work this enablement into our platform, but as yet it does not appear to be upcoming on our roadmap.

  • hello
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    Our app dont use the in-app zendesk service, instead, we just use zendesk to collect the tickets by api. So when i use the report, i cannot export any details of the tickets but only the number of the certain tag.

    what i would like is that, i can export the description of the tickets sending by users based on each tag. plz help me and this will increase our efficiency a lot! thanks! 

  • Joey
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    Hi there-

    As the article mentions, you can export ticket data using our REST APIs; depending on your plan type you can also create a view based on conditions you define and export that.

  • Jay Kelly
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    @Andrea McMahon

    you have to select the all pages tick box in the top row of the search options. Then it displays all tickets searched and the downloaded csv file has all of the data

  • Joel Munson
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    I am on the Plus plan and this option is not available.

  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hey Joel,

    Our Customer Advocacy team will need to enable this on your account to give you access. I'm going to create a ticket on your behalf to get this taken care of.



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