Installing the Knowledge Capture app

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  • Kelsey Greenawalt

    Hi Jennifer--I signed our organization up for this early access program and we are looking forward to using it. Do you know when I can expect to be added to the program and be able to install the app? Thank you!

  • Jennifer Rowe

    Hi Kelsey!

    Thanks for your interest and for signing up! I am not sure of the timeline for adding more accounts to the early access program. I'll check with the product manager and find out!

  • Stéphanie Motta

    + 1 on looking forward on using it! 

  • Stéphanie Motta

    Hi Jennifer!

    I just got the access to the program and that was quick! Cheers for that.

    I still have a question. Is that so far only available in English?


  • Deepa Daniels

    Hi Stephanie, 

    Currently you can only search for articles in the same locale as your Help Center. This means, that you cannot use the app to search for any translations other than the default locale for your Help Center.

    Learn more and participate in the beta community here

  • Ramon Martínez


    We just got access to the EAP. I can't seem to figure out how to install the app. Is it in the marketplace?


  • Jennifer Rowe

    Hi Ramon,

    Sorry about that. The instructions were accidentally overwritten. They are in the article now.

    Here is the info you're looking for:


    1. In Zendesk Support, click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Apps > Manage.
    2. Remove /manage from the URL.

      The URL should look something like this:

    3. Click the Zendesk Apps Beta section on the right or Search.


    Hope that helps! 

  • Thomas Joussot

    Hi there,

    How does this new app differ from both Answer Suggestion & Ticket to Help Center apps ?

    Thanks for your time !

  • Kunal Pathak

    How do I get list of Tickets where Article is Linked? What kind of different reports/views can be made for tracking the use of Articles and Tickets with/without articles linked?


  • Kalle Windefalk

    I love this app. 

    I would love it even more if I could paste the guides "inline" in the ticket. =)

  • Pedro

    I have the same question as Kunal: if we want to have a metric for # Tickets where Agents used Knowledge Capture, how can we do it?

  • Kirsten Flores

    I'm trying to access the link for "edit the Knowledge Capture app settings" ( in step 5, but I am getting a message that I'm not authorized to view the article. Any ideas why I would be able to read this article but not the linked article?

  • Jennifer Rowe

    Oops, sorry about that! It's fixed now.

    Please try again, Kirsten. Thanks!

  • Kirsten Flores

    Jennifer - it works now. Thanks!

  • Darren Stagnaro

    +1 to Kalle Windefalk comment. Our use of the knowledge base is internal only, meaning we'd like to insert the actual text of the article and not a link. I thought this was possible with Knowledge Capture App but I guess not. 

    Does anyone have an alternative solution to simply copying and pasting text?

  • Jim Stalder

    The Knowledge Capture apps seems to bring our Zendesk users in Internet Explorer v11 to a halt.   Opening up a ticket takes several seconds and the entire system freezes during that time - basically making it unusable.   

    Users of Chrome are working OK. 

    We've had to disable the app due to the complaints from agents.

  • Janine Driessen


    Does KCA only work for ticket titles or can it also read text bodies? 




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