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  • Zari Brooks


    How is the option to have 'End users can solve tickets after viewing linked articles' supposed to work?


  • Thomas D'Hoe
    Community Moderator

    Hi Zari,

    Thanks for your questions.

    That functionality is called "Rapid Resolve". 

    By default, when an agent uses the Knowledge Capture app to link to an article, the ticket requester has the option to solve the ticket after viewing the linked article.

    When the user opens the linked article, they can click "Yes, close my request" if the article resolves their issue, and the ticket is solved. The user can click "No" if the article does not resolve their issue, and the ticket status is unchanged.


  • Raphael Saclé

    Hi Jennifer


    I hope you are well. We face an issue with the product. 

    For some reason, Knowledge Capture, shows links as invisible on our ios mobile devices,

    is it any known issue ? Any path to resolution ?


  • Madison Davis
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Raphael, I see that you submitted a ticket to our support team to look into this issue. I think it will be best to resolve this there so we can take a look at your account-specific settings and customizations. Keep an eye out for a response from that team!

  • Raphael Saclé

    Thanks, Madison

    I have indeed. It's been assign to the "Customer Care French" Group for 10 days without acknowledgment of the case being assigned to anyone. 

    I am not surprised nor disappointed because it is in the "French" Group and my guess it would not be picked up for a long long time. I've been working for quite a while in PM team at a major company doing everything from A to Z and we would push such case to our backlog to prioritize case we'd know for sure would be in English. 

    Would it be possible to cheat a tiny bit and alter the group it  is currently assigned to  "Customer Care US" or "Customer Care UK"

    Happy holidays




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