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    Nick L

    This is fantastic. We've been eagerly awaiting this for a few years now. Thank you! 

    I don't see this covered in the above, but does this also mean that incoming markdown will be processed, or just html/email formatting? We have some customers that have tried to use markdown, especially when submitting via the web portal.

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    Max McCal

    Hey, Nick - 

    No, we won't be able to support Markdown via email. We're treating every email as either plain text or HTML.

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    Heather R

    Thank you for this!

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    Seth Wylie

    Love this feature!

    How will it affect the Trigger placeholder "{{ticket.comments_formatted}}"? Will those comments be shown in HTML emails with their HTML formatting?

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    Max McCal

    Seth - Outbound email isn't changed much in function. Our outbound notifications already include HTML. Whether that comes from an API call, an email, the agent interface, or any other feature we may build, it's always included in the formatted comments.

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    RickyZhou (Edited )

    This feature is very helpful, thanks!

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    Willem Auret


    Can you please tell me if we can post issues we still see here? I would like to give you some more feedback. We have been part of the beta as you know and a lot has improved since then, but we still have issues with images ending up as attachments and with some HTML mails not rendering correct. Please let me know if I can post it here or else feel free to contact me by mail.

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey Willem!

    I would actually recommend submitting a Support ticket so we can take a closer look for you!

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    Hi Team

    We did not notice this feature go live and were wondering why the formatting in our tickets went crazy. Since enabling the Rich content in email setting, any new tickets are now being formatted correctly. Let me know if you would like a support ticket raised to see the issue for older tickets. Other users may not be aware

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    Arno Lindroos


    We have noticed that Zendesk strips out some of the html tags (like iframe) from incoming emails, most likely for security reasons. Is there a list of tags that are automatically removed?

    Sometimes we get example html clips from our customers included in the email text, and we are not sure whether some tags are missing or not, so we just like to know which tags do not come through.


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    Max McCal

    Hey, Arno - 

    We can't get that explicit, as there's a lot of complexity involved. It's safe to say we won't allow iframes (many email clients won't either). Our point of view is that if there are display issues in an email, we should investigate them and understand why. Please feel free to submit a ticket to our support staff any time if you're seeing something that looks wrong.

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    Gwenda Ellwood

    We have noticed that HTML paragraph numbers don't translate well unless they are simple. For instance this will work:

    1. para 1 is here

    2. para 2 is here

    ... but if there are un-numbered paragraphs and/or images pasted  between "para 1" and "para 2", then the numbering for the second paragraph will restart at 1 instead of staying at 2.


    I will create a ticket for this.


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    Nicole Relyea

    In case anyone else is having the same issue as Gwenda was, here's the answer she received in her ticket: 

    A workaround for you is to:

    1. Create a numbered list
    2. Press enter after the first line so that it initiates line 2 in the list
    3. Then paste the image and press enter
    4. You should then have a 3 line list with the image in line 2
    5. At the start of line 2 indent that line forward
    6. Click the bullet list icon
    7. Then backspace that bullet away

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    Randy C

    if the incoming email contains tables, it's still not showing up correctly in the default view.

    yes i know by opening it as original email this will solve the issue.

    but is it possible to show table properly in the default view as well


    table is a commonly used formatting tool in business communications.

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