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With the Live calls dashboard, team managers can see at-a-glance all ongoing calls, listen in on agent conversations and barge in on calls when agents need support or escalation. Administrators and custom roles with System Manage channels and extensions permissions (see Agent permissions) can access the dashboard. Users with the correct permission who don't have a Talk Agent seat will be able to view the dashboard but not interact with calls.

Note: If you and your team are using the call monitoring feature of Zendesk Talk, ensure that your custom greetings provide adequate notice in accordance with your state or country's telephone recording laws. Default greetings created before the launch of call monitoring on March 14th, 2017, do not alert callers that their call may be recorded and monitored.

The dashboard contains the following information for each live call:
  • Which agent is on the call
  • The group the agent belongs to
  • The caller
  • Call type (inbound or outbound)
  • Related ticket
  • Call duration

To view the Live Calls dashboard and monitor calls

  1. From the product tray, select Talk.

  2. In the new tab that opens, select the Live Calls icon in the sidebar.

  3. Filter by agent or group name using the search field in the upper right.

  4. To monitor a call without the agent or caller being notified, click Listen.

  5. Click Barge to join the call. The agent and caller will both hear a beep notifying them a third party has joined.

  6. Click End barge to leave and return to Listen mode.

  7. Click Leave call to end Listen mode.

To view an audit report of call monitoring activity

  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Channels > Talk.
  2. Select the History tab.
  3. Click the Export Monitoring CSV button.

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    This is great =) 

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    Does this feature work with agent forwarding?

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    Hi Tikisha, 

    If I understand your question correctly then yes it works. 

    If you are monitoring a call and that call is transferred to another agent or forwarded to an external number, you can continue to monitor the call until it has ended. 

    Does this answer your question? 





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