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    Hey guys, great new feature indeed! What happens to the callback call when no agent is online for some time, or if it exceeds hours of operations? Would the 60 mins rule still apply?

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    Arek Gembara

    I have a big problem with this feature - after pressing 2 during the Callback greting, end-user is hearing automatic messages in English:


    • Press 1 to request a callback on the number they've called in from
    • Press 2 to request a callback to a different number. The alternative number must be in E.164 format, i.e. [+ or 00][country code][subscriber number including area code]. If it's not in the correct format, the customer will be prompted to enter again.
    • Press 3 to return to the queue on hold"

    Is there no option to record this message in my country language (which is Polish), instead of playing back this automatic message in English??

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