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    Heather R

    This is great! Thank you!

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    Kay - RealConnections (NL)

    Lovely, Keep 'em coming!

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    DJ Jimenez

    A very well-welcomed feature. We'll now be able to use roster groups to grant access to macros without needing to add the agent to the working group.

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    Aaron Rylaarsdam

    Thank you!  This is a very welcome feature indeed.  I am excited to see that this will be coming in the future for views as well.  Like macros, we have many views in our instance that are redundant because we only want to provide them to certain groups.

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    Michael McAfoos

    I'm really glad to see this! I know you mentioned that similar functionality for views is coming later. I just want to mention that from our perspective, the views is the more important piece compared to macros. We have so many duplicate views which could be resolved via similar functionality (hopefully you'll also revisit the ordering of views!) Really looking forward to updates on that.

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    Kristen Mirenda

    Just an update that rollout has begun! We'll be amping up availability throughout the week, so if you don't see it yet, you will before long. Target is full availability on Friday, but I'll accelerate that if all goes well. I'll post here when that happens, or if anything changes. 

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    How is this change going to affect macros updates via the API?  

    I assume you will be allowed to use a list of restrictions when creating or updating macros, but I haven't seen any updated in the API documentation.


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    Kristen Mirenda

    Good catch @arturo -- the update to the documentation is going out now. Your assumption is correct.  


    The restriction object has the following properties.

    You can now use:

    Name | Comment

    type | Allowed values are `Group` or `User`

    id | The numeric ID of the group or user

    ids | The numeric IDs of the groups



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    Kristen Mirenda

    This feature is completely rolled out now. Enjoy!

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