Is it possible to link an Inbox account with a Zendesk Support account? Follow


Can we set up ticket sharing between an Inbox account and a Support account?


Yes, although this feature is also in beta.

To set up a ticket sharing agreement between Inbox and a Support account:

  1. Select Menu inbox-menu.png icon and click Connect to Zendesk (BETA).
  2. Choose Add Zendesk connection.
  3. Enter the subdomain of the Zendesk Support account you would like to connect with.

For more information on how to accept a sharing agreement click here.

Once your sharing agreement is set up appropriately you will be able to share conversations which will then generate a ticket in your Zendesk Support account. 

Note: If you would like to share tickets with your Inbox account, you will need to set up a sharing agreement from the Zendesk account to the Inbox account.
To share a conversation with a Support account once you've set up an agreement:
  1. Open the conversation you would like to share.
  2. Select the Options icon Inbox_Options_Button.png.
  3. Click Share with
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