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Many of the customers using our JIRA integration have been asking us to give them a better way to share information between Support and JIRA, to enable their customer support and engineering teams to collaborate even more efficiently.

In response to these requests we're release a new feature called Field Syncing.

Users now can sync Support ticket and JIRA issue data in near real time by defining field mappings between these two objects.

What's being released?

We're releasing a new feature of the Zendesk Support for JIRA integration that enables syncing of data between Support and JIRA. Both system and custom fields are supported.

This feature can be enabled in the configuration page of the add-on in JIRA. For additional information and setup instructions visit Using the JIRA field syncing feature.

Where can I read more about this integration?

We have the following public documents:

Setting up Zendesk for JIRA integration

Using the Zendesk for JIRA integration

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