How do phone numbers in user profiles get validated? Follow


How do phone numbers in user profiles get validated?


Zendesk has introduced changes to the way we validate phone numbers in user profiles when 'Validate user phone numbers' setting is turned off. This setting can be found by navigating to 'admin --> Customers' (below)


When creating new user identities (direct line phone numbers) no formatting will be applied if the setting is off (above) already added direct lines will remain unchanged.


Similarly activating this feature where it was not previously on, will not retrospectively format or de-format already added numbers. The setting will only apply to new identities added after the setting change has been made. 


Zendesk recommends that this setting is enabled (below) so that Zendesk Talk can correctly associate phone numbers from inbound calls with user profiles and facilitate outbound calls to numbers in the user profile. 





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