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    Susan Biehl

    I have an issue where an agent created a new Organization for a customer that we already had an Organization in the system for. Now I have a closed ticket under that Organization as well as tickets under the correct Organization. Since we do not have the ability to change closed tickets, how can I get this ticket to reflect under the correct Organization?

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Susan!

    I'm afraid that it's not going to be possible to move that ticket to another Organization. The only way you can do that is by editing the ticket and, as you pointed out, you can't edit a ticket once it's in Closed status.

    Can you give me some more information about why you'd need to make this change? Is it messing up your reporting, or is it something else?

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    Dan Ross

    Hi Jessie,

    We're stuck with this situation as well. There's got to be a better solution to this problem. It fragments the user's ticket history for the user and it messes with reports. Is there anything on the roadmap to address this long standing issue? There's been a feature request for the last six years on the topic here, with over 100 votes and many clearly outlined use cases. 

    On August 10, 2015, then-Product Manager Jake Holman indicated that " I am unfortunately unable to provide a closer estimate on when we can start working on this area, other than "soon"." There's been no updates from Zendesk Product since then.

    How does Zendesk define "soon"? There have been many features like this one that are sorely needed to properly administer a help desk.  Sorry to direct these frustrations to you, but you seem to quite often the only person answering any kinds of questions surrounding requests from users. Judging from how long some requests have languished, no one else seems to pay them much attention. 

    Thanks for reading!
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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Dan, 

    I'm sorry that Jake said "soon" and you haven't heard anything since, I know how frustrating that can be. I'm not sure whether this feature is currently on a roadmap, but Jessie and I will try to find out for you. 

    Sometimes "soon" turns into "eventually" or gets derailed entirely. This can happen for a number of reasons, the most common being that what we would need to do with the underlying or already built part of the platform a feature relates to would be prohibitively complicated. This is often something that isn't discovered until development has started, after it's already been put on a roadmap. 

    Sometimes a particular feature makes sense when it gets put on the roadmap, but then we have something else that gets planned that causes it to no longer make sense - a new product coming online a year later that would make the feature redundant, another feature becomes higher priority due to a shift in the market, etc. 

    On the flip side, sometimes something doesn't make sense to be developed when it's first requested, but years later new technology has come on board or market needs have shifted and it suddenly becomes do-able. 

    These are all reasons we rarely put forth exact timelines or hard promises, and why sometimes we say something is likely "coming soon" and never does. 

    All that being said, I don't know if any of these apply to the feature you're seeking. But we will try to find out and do our best to get back to you. 

    Also please know that we get tons of Product Feedback and feature requests, and the Product Managers do read everything that goes into the Product Feedback forum. They just can't respond to all of it. But they do pull quotes and use stats and case studies from it when putting together their case for why something should be developed. So please continue sharing your feedback and use cases so that they can better understand what's most needed. 


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    Eric Klein

    Just adding my name to this list as it not only provides a problem for reporting, but the fragmentation issue is a larger issue in my position. Because we have two organizations out there you cannot get a complete picture of what is happening within an organization and the tickets are they submitting to us. Frankly a little stunned to see this is a 6 year old issue.

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for the feedback, Eric. I'm not sure why the decision not to develop this functionality has been made thus far, but there are always many competing priorities in Product Development. 

    For future reference, the Product Managers do read and spend time in the Product Feedback forum, but don't often see comments on Knowledge Base articles. I encourage you to share your specific problem and use case there. If you choose to do so, this post is a great example of the kind of feedback post that is most useful to PMs. 

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    Bill Cicchetti (Edited )

    Running into this problem as we speak.  Our Salesforce integration was bringing in incorrect organizations and our agents created tickets under that org (same city but different products).



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    Dwight Bussman

    HI Bill,

    Offhand, I'm not sure why that would be the case. As such, I'm going to make a ticket for you at (emailing would do the same thing) for one of our Salesforce experts to look into this further.

    Someone should be reaching out within that ticket shortly.

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    Myles Grote

    Hey everyone - can someone add me to this feature request?  I'd like to be able to merge two existing organizations.  We have some duplicates that I'd like to easily take care of.

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hey Miles! Welcome to the Community! I see you've been really active over the last few days - awesome!

    Our Product Managers like to hear from our customers directly! If you have a minute, it would be great if you could add your vote and detailed use case to this thread in our Product Feedback topic. Thorough problem statements are always more helpful than just a +1!

    The thread has been around for a long time, and Zendesk hasn't weighed in for a while, but I'm going to follow up with our Product team to see if there's any information available about this type of functionality.

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    Naama Aharoni


    We are having many duplicated organizations and, as a result, our reports on how many tickets submitted by which organization are completely wrong. we would like to sort out our records and having the option to merge organization will make this much easier. Currently the workaround suggested cannot work for us as we need to move the closed tickets as well and in general, we need a tool to clean our records fast.

    Thanks, Naama

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for the feedback, Naama. I encourage you to share it in the Product Feedback conversation "Ability to Merge Organizations" so that the Product Managers will see it. 

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    Michael Mulligan

    The ability to merge orgs would be very helpful!

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    Nicole - Community Manager (Edited )

    Thanks for the feedback, Michael.I encourage you to share it in the Product Feedback conversation "Ability to Merge Organizations"  where our Product Managers can see it. Feedback posted on Tech Notes is not reviewed by the development teams. 


    Update 3/1/18: The product feedback thread mentioned above has been closed as it is not currently under consideration for development. We will reopen the thread if and when we are able to consider this functionality for our roadmap. 

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    Bjorn Marksteiner

    This is obviously a source of frustration for many users over many, many years.

    The Product Feedback post is closed for comment so really not much use.

    We have ended up with two organizations for the same client, one with 54 tickets, one with 220 so it has gotten really messy and the client cannot see their history. I desperately would like be able to merge.

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    Nicole - Community Manager (Edited )

    Hi Bjorn - 

    Merging organizations is not something we are considering building, which is why the comment thread is closed. For most customers, enabling the ability to merge organizations would have greater risks than the problems it would solve; should two organizations be merged erroneously it could create massive security problems with data being shared between organizations that should not be. Currently, the ability to un-merge doesn't exist, so this is also a problem that would not have a way to be corrected. 

    This is a rock and a hard place decision, as we recognize the challenge for users such as yourself that end up with duplicate organizations. But at this time what would be required to create a secure way to merge organizations (and potentially un-merge if done incorrectly) would be a massive project that would require a huge amount of development resources and would derail the development of many other functionalities that are higher impact for more customers. 

    Should it be open for consideration in the future, we will reopen the feedback thread. You may continue to up vote that thread and subscribe to it for future updates. 

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    Dan Ross (Edited )

    Hi Nicole.

    Thanks for the explanation, even though it's disappointing news. The comment that the risks are present is fair, but those risks exist today with merging tickets erroneously! (Incidentally, if we could edit closed tickets, the risk would be mitigated as we could potentially fix any screwups by removing those tickets from an org but that's for another feedback thread :) )

    My question is 'why close the feedback thread?' 

    By not having a place for people to keep adding their feedback and voices to share how important a feature is to them, all that will happen is a new thread will start and a game of whack-a-mole will commence. It'll fragment comments and use cases, making it harder for a brave future-PM looking at the feature to gather all the use cases. 

    There's also the less-than-warm fuzzy feeling I get as a user when the primary way I have to express my feedback about the software we rely on for our business shuts down discussion and further feedback on a topic that's clearly very important to users. 

    Just my 0.02.

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Dan -

    Thanks for your thoughtful feedback. You're right, that those risks exist today with ticket merge. We see the problems that creates, which is why expanding it out to the larger scale of merging entire organizations is problematic.

    I also hear your comment on editing closed tickets, but that's also a major development - it would change the way we store data and be a huge infrastructure project in order to allow for editing (keeping those tickets live instead of read-only) and has the potential of creating massive slowdowns system wide. So yes, that's an entirely separate discussion. :)


    We made the decision to close the thread for three reasons: 

    1) We aren't seeking additional use cases at this time. We've got a ton of information on it at the moment, and additional use cases won't make a difference in the decision-making process. We will definitely reopen the conversation if a brave future PM wants to look into it. Users can still vote, to let us know how many people need or want it, but additional comments are not necessary. 

    2) The conversation turned volatile and was no longer productive. We received several comments that required heavy moderation and a few people being banned, so it became time-intensive for the Community Management team, without providing any useful information or constructive conversation. 

    3) We have found that users' expectation is that open threads will receive updates. Since it is not being considered for development, we will not have any updates to provide, nor a Product Manager to provide them. 

    We certainly don't mean to silence anyone or prevent feedback from being shared. We are trying to be more transparent when things are or are not realistically going to happen, and find better ways to manage conversations in the community so that they're productive for everyone - and I realize some of the things we may try in that process won't work well, so I appreciate hearing from you on this. 




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    Dan Ross (Edited )

    Hey Nicole,

    Thanks for making the time to explain the rationale behind the decision, I think it helps with the optics on closing the thread. Perhaps updating the official comment on the thread to include a similar message would be helpful for users finding the thread from links elsewhere in the Guide, as the current official comment invites users to share their use cases.

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks, Dan. I'll make that change now. 

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