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    Josh Dronzek

    What if we don't want to give the agents "manage extensions and channels" access but want to allow them to monitor calls? Can this be better defined for the enterprise roles? Seems like a lot to give out to do this...

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    Jenny Gillett

    Hi Josh, 

    We do understand the need for more granular permissions/roles in Talk. Unfortunately we do not have a solution for this in the product today but it is an area we are reviewing as it is not the first time we have seen this request come in. 

    So watch this space!





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    Eckhard Doll

    This would indeed be very useful. We have senior team members that are not admins and they should be able to listen to calls of new agents as well. And vice versa, new agents should be able to listen to calls to learn how calls are handled.

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    Nicole Relyea

    Thanks for the feedback, Eckhard!

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