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We are happy to announce the launch of Call Monitoring, available to customers on our Talk Advanced plan. From the new Live Calls Dashboard, Zendesk Admins can see at-a-glance all ongoing calls, listen in on agent conversations and barge in on calls when agents need support or escalation.

With Call Monitoring, team managers can:

  • Onboard agents faster - coach and train new hires with in-the-moment feedback
  • Improve first call resolution - join agents on difficult calls to support and help resolve
  • Ensure compliance and quality assurance - check that agents adhere to policies and requirements
  • Gain insight into customer pain points - identify opportunities for training & process improvements
  • Boost CSAT - help agents deliver consistent, high-quality support


Using the feature


To access the Live Calls Dashboard, select Talk from the product tray:


In the new tab that opens, select the Live Calls icon in the sidebar.


Zendesk Admins or Agents with manage channels and extensions permissions may access the new Live Calls Dashboard, which display the following call details of ongoing calls:

  • Agents on calls
  • Agent group
  • Call type (in or outbound)
  • Ticket ID
  • Call duration (sortable)


Search the dashboard by agent name or group to identify new agents that may need help or groups that handle more sensitive conversations. Or, sort by call length to target longer calls, which may indicate that the agent could use extra help.

Use the Zendesk Talk Live Calls Dashboard to monitor agent calls, listen and barge as needed.



From the Dashboard, you may listen in on a call without alerting the agent or customer -- a great way to monitor new agents and stay in-the-know regarding your customers’ experiences.


If you identify a call that requires escalation or an agent requests extra help, you may “barge” into an ongoing call. A “beep” will indicate to the agent and caller that you have joined the call.


While Listening or Barging, you may leave & return without any call disturbance.

Learn more about using Call Monitoring.


Zendesk Admins or Agents with manage channels and extensions permissions may access the Live Call Dashboards and Monitor (Listen and Barge) calls. All roles will need to have a Talk seat enabled.


This feature is available to Talk Advanced customers. Learn how to start a free trial of Zendesk Talk here.

If you are currently a Zendesk Talk customer on our Basic or Lite plans, you may request a free, 30-day “boost” to our Advanced plan to try Call Monitoring. Email us for more information.

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    What if we don't want to give the agents "manage extensions and channels" access but want to allow them to monitor calls? Can this be better defined for the enterprise roles? Seems like a lot to give out to do this...

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    Hi Josh, 

    We do understand the need for more granular permissions/roles in Talk. Unfortunately we do not have a solution for this in the product today but it is an area we are reviewing as it is not the first time we have seen this request come in. 

    So watch this space!





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