Can my customers give a satisfaction rating via Zendesk Talk? Follow



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    Tech PWN

    Is it possible to get CSAT feedback via text through Zendesk talk? Also would Twilio/Talk be able to differentiate between a landline and mobile number to send an sms?

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    Nicole - Community Manager (Edited )


    Edited 3/15/18: the suggested workaround has been deemed insufficient and has been removed. 

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    Joacim Bråthen

    Hi Nicole.

    Your article doesnt work I think, it says: "oops You're not authorized to access this page"

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Joacim - 

    It turns out that the solution that was documented there doesn't work very well. 

    The tips in it only work if the end-user has a smartphone, and  there is a HIGH probability that the end-user's phone carrier would block the link if it was able to be sent. So we took it down. My apologies. 

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