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After you are approved for the beta program and Answer Bot has been activated, you can begin setting it up.

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Turning on Answer Bot

To turn on Answer Bot

  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Business Rules > Answer Bot.
  2. Click the toggle () to enable the feature. When enabled, the toggle changes color ().

Once the feature is enabled, you can include it in a trigger.

Creating or modifying triggers to include Answer Bot

If you're creating a new trigger, make sure you're familiar with the process. See Creating and managing triggers for information.

To add Answer Bot to a new or existing trigger

  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Business Rules > Triggers.
  2. Click Add trigger.

    If you prefer to modify an existing ticket to handle Answer Bot, locate and click on the ticket you want to update, and make sure it matches the conditions and actions in the following steps.

  3. Create (or update) the trigger conditions, then configure it to perform the following actions:
    • Notifications: Answer Bot | (requester)

      This establishes that all tickets that meet the above conditions will send your Answer Bot email to the ticket requester.

  4. Fill out the subject and body text you want to include in the Answer Bot email. You can enter text here, or you can use placeholders to customize the email text, in addition to including the Answer Bot placeholder(s):
    • {{answer_bot.article_list}

      Required. You must include this placeholder for the feature to work. This placeholder adds a list of up to three articles that best match the request, links to those articles, and inserts buttons the end-user can use to choose which article solved the request.

    • {{answer_bot.first_article_body}}

      Optional. This placeholder renders the first matching article (full HTML) into the email body, allowing end-users to read the article and solve their problem without needing to leave the email experience.

    • {{answer_bot.article_count}}

      Optional. This placeholder allows you to create an optional condition to send different body copy to customers based on how many articles are returned, for example:

      {% if answer_bot.article_count > 0 %} 
          Here are some great articles that may help:
      {% endif %}
  5. (Optional - Professional and Enterprise) Filter the list of potential Help Center articles based on labels:
    • In the “List of article labels to be included by Answer Bot for this trigger” add the list of labels to want to use to filter the articles. Use comma-separated ANY list, so any articles with ANY of those labels will be used as potential Automatic Answer articles.
  6. Click Submit.

Testing Answer Bot

When you've created your trigger, we recommend you test it by filing a ticket that includes you as the requester. This requires temporarily modifying the trigger.

To test the Answer Bot feature

  1. On the Business Rules > Triggers page, hover your mouse over an Answer Bot trigger to display the options menu icon ().
  2. Click the options menu icon and select Edit.
  3. Add the following condition to the ticket:
    • Ticket: Requester | Is | [your username]
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Submit a support ticket, requesting help with a topic covered in your knowledge base.
  6. When you receive the automated response, make sure the text is acceptable; otherwise, edit the trigger as needed.
  7. When you're satisfied with the response, open the test trigger and remove the Ticket: Requester | Is | [your username] condition, and click Submit.

Disabling Answer Bot

If you find Answer Bot isn't working well for you, you can disable the feature.

However, before you can turn it off, you must edit any triggers that utilize Answer Bot - otherwise, the feature cannot be disabled.

To disable Answer Bot

  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Business Rules > Triggers.
  2. Edit or delete the triggers using Answer Bot. For information on editing triggers, see Editing and cloning triggers.
  3. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Business Rules > Answer Bot.
  4. Click the toggle () to disable the feature.
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  • 0

    What are the chances of getting an article listing without the solve buttons included? This is the customization that we would require in order to make use of this feature. 

  • 0

    Hi Matt, the current UI design with the buttons is integral to how the feature works. We are exploring how to best implement an undo option if you're concerned with the mis-clicks? Maybe if you could outline your concerns or problems you're experiencing (or expect to experience) by having those buttons?

  • 0

    This is truly exciting stuff!
    I don't see it addressed here, but rumor has it that the Answer Bot only works with the English language, is that true?

    If yes, when can we expect to see more languages supported?

    We have a multilingual setup and would love to add Answer Bot to it.

  • 0

    Hi Mike, thanks for the follow up!

    I understand it to be integral to the "self solve" elements although we've already implemented something similar that is currently working for us.

    We've leveraged the Zendesk API to implement our own self solve button and in doing so, have systematically removed the elements that create confusion for our customers (and prevent misclicks or missolves using our current system). 

    However, at this stage, we're manually creating triggers to populate our emails with articles and would love to leverage that element of what you have in place and partner it with our own. 

    Are their any plans to provide simply the article suggestions without the self solve elements, not just for me but for those that want the suggestions but don't want the self solve? 


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