Creating and managing triggers for Answer Bot

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  • David Coleman
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    I have noticed that recently "Convert to Answer Bot" option isn't displayed for the default triggers for new Zendesk instances. Is this because of the CC inclusion of recent? Most customers are "good to go" with the defaults of this conversion action, so ideally it would continue to be available for new trials/implementations. Otherwise, us freelancers need to start telling customers they will need to pay for the additional time required. 

    I am not saying it takes that much effort to create the triggers manually = ) But, the convenience of the conversion is desirable.

    Any help is appreciated, David.


  • Shiyu Zhu
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    Thanks for raising this David. That's correct, there is a bug in the system that is causing the 'Convert to Answer Bot Trigger' button to disappear. We have fix on the way and the button should reappear in the next few days. Thanks


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