Why does Total calls not match Calls accepted on the Zendesk Talk dashboard?

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  • Linda-SI

    Hi , then how about outbound calls? If we want to know how many outbound calls were accepted, which metric should we follow ?

  • Stephen Fusco
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hello Linda, 

    I see you already have a couple tickets open with us on talk reporting so if you need any help on your specific reports our agents would be happy to help there. 

    To answer your question generally though, there is no metric that tracks accepted outbound calls exactly but there are ways to get close. The best way to get this would probably be to use the metric # Outbound Calls and then applying a numeric range filter to that for "Total Talk Time greater than 0" 

    This indicates that the customer was connected with an agent and so can be used to track accepted calls. 

  • Susan Biehl

    What about just a column on the Talk Dashboard showing # of Outbound Calls per agent. That way, when we look at the Total Talk Time column, we know it's not just on Inbound volume.

    I made the mistake of seeing that an agent was online for 7 hours and 45 mins and their Total Talk time was 2 hours and 17 mins, which made me think their average call handle time was somewhere in the 9 minute range. But if I took into account the number of outbound calls they made, then it would go down and also make my agent appear more productive.

    When I add their Total talk time and Time Available, it does not equal the Total online time. There is actually about a 2 hour difference, which makes me think that they spent 2 hours making outbound calls, but not necessarily getting connected to someone.

    Another option would be to allow us to adjust the Dashboard to display the data we find most pertinent to running our business and managing our agents.


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