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    Matthew Benn

    My users have been asking for this functionality in Slack for almost a year. Any plans on developing for Slack? Also, curious why this was level of integration was developed for a product that wasn't out, vs Slack with 5M daily avg users?


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    Edwin Schukking

    Hi Matthew,

    Teams is integrated in MS products like Office365, Dynamics, PowerBI and Sharepoint. When your users work already with these Microsoft products, this has a huge benefit over using Slack.

    We looked into Slack as well, but our users responded 'not another additional tool to use' while Teams is integrated in software they were already using on a daily base.

    That being said, we have been using teams for a month now and there are def parts that are clearly still a work in progress (especially the web version, the desktop version works quite nicely).


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    Steve van Weelij


    We just tested using the Zendesk integration into Microsoft Team, but currently all the extra MS Teams tab does is show a view. When you click a ticket in the view it open Zendesk in another browser tab. I would not see this as added functionality, as we can already open Zendesk on its own tab whenever we want.

    For us the added functionality would be if you can actually edit the tickets, even only commenting on the ticket would be added functionality.

    Another thing that comes to mind would be if you could refer to a Microsoft Teams task, or link to a MS Teams task from the Zendesk integration.

    There's a lot to improve here. Is there a roadmap available or any other page with more information like release notes? I have browsed away, but there is not much to find in the sense of any updates you have planned for this integration, if any at all.

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    Ian Christopher B. de Jesus

    Hi Steve.

    Thank you for your feedback. I agree that there are a lot of things to improve in this integration. Unfortunately, we haven't placed in MS Teams in our roadmap yet. We plan to revisit all existing integrations this Q3 and prioritize accordingly.


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