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    Vinny Poliseno

    Is this supported to installed the beta version in one of my SFDC Sandbox orgs and connect to my Zendesk Sandbox org? Assumption is yes but wanted to double check first before just doing.


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    Keith @ Zendesk

    Hey Vinny,

    That is correct.  It should work fine.  Just make sure you install the v5.1 in your SalesForce Sandbox and connect that to your ZD Sandbox.

    Let us know if you run into any trouble! :)

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    Vinny Poliseno

    Hey Keith when I go to to get the latest version to install I'm still seeing Version Number 4.6?

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    Yuri Mylis

    @ Vinny,


    I've double checked and the link on the article is correct. Make sure you refresh the page in the browser.

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    Geoff Clare

    Since this new sync process sets the Zendesk external_id in a way that uniquely identifies the corresponding Salesforce record, do you plan to update the Salesforce app in Zendesk so that it can be configured to look up Salesforce records using the external_id?

    This would work much better for us than the current email address matching method, because we have two email address fields in Salesforce - a business address and an "additional" address - plus a field that says which one is preferred.  We configured the Salesforce app in Zendesk to match on the business address, but that means for users where Zendesk has the additional address as primary email the lookup does not find the contact.

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    Fred Thomas


    This is great feedback and something that our developers are looking into. They are looking into other methods of identifying records besides the current identifiers. The ext_id that can only be used in the Bulk Sync V2 Beta is great candidate for expansion into other areas. There are plans to roll that out to the ongoing sync. We hope to have something by the end of the calendar year. Please stay tuned. Thanks for your feedback!

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    Jeff Callahan

    I'm not sure how you can base a sync off name - these fields will never be in sync.  We have imported all of our SF Account ID's into a custom ZD field.  This was  bit painful/tedious to establish, but easy to maintain.  We use this to sync the ZD ticket fields and it works perfectly. 

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