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Although it is not possible to completely prevent emails that come to your support address from creating tickets (apart from setting up a closed Zendesk, and using Whitelist/Blacklist settings) you can build a workflow via triggers to notify users that your company does not accept email requests and auto close that specific ticket. In order to set this workflow up you will need to modify your existing triggers as well as create a new trigger to address tickets received via email. 


  • Must be on Team, Professional, or Enterprise
  • Must be at least an Administrator


To modify any trigger setup in your system that is designed to notify the requester that you have received their request:

  1. Click the Admin icon( ) in the sidebar, then select Business Rules > Triggers > Notify Requester of Received Request.  
  2. Add a condition to your trigger that excludes the channel email under Meet All of the following conditions. This condition will prevent this trigger from firing when an email is received in your Support account via email:

  3. Create a new trigger that will address all tickets that you receive via email. 
  4. The conditions of this trigger will be Ticket: Is Created and Ticket: Channel is Email. These conditions will be under Meet All of the Following conditions.Ticket_Is..._Created.png
  5. Under Perform these actions add the action Ticket:Status Closed.
  6. Next add Notifications: Email user (requester) under Perform these actions, to notify the requester that they will need to submit a support request via your ticket form on your website. This email can be custom to your use case, however it is recommended that you include a link to your contact page.                        Perform_these_actions.png

For more information on setting up triggers please see, Creating and managing triggers for ticket updates and notifications.

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