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    Dan Ross

    Are there plans for more themes? There used to be several, now there's just one supported theme.

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    Wes Drury

    @Ryan - So glad to see Zendesk finally moving to 100 percent Responsive themes.  Three to four years ago I created one of or the first responsive themes for Zendesk Help Centers and released a couple for the community.  Now theres thousands and thousands of responsive themes, so glad to see Zendesk only offering responsive themes as we've seen more and more mobile users.  Mobile users now surpass Desktop users so responsive is a must have now.  By the way, I just converted Zendesk Support, Chat, Explore and Help over to the Copenhagen theme so this theme you currently see is now utilizing a modified Copenhagen theme.

    @Dan - What kind of themes would you like to see as there are a few of us out here that create custom themes.  Maybe a few of us can team up and create some responsive themes for our community.  I was hoping to create one at some point this year for the community, just been crazy busy with Help Center clients.

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    Lotus Themes (Edited )


    There are lots of themes now, the hardest thing is to choose among the crowd :)

    We offer different types of themes in different colors which can be changed to meet your corporate style requirements. All of our themes are responsive and support all Zendesk features. You are welcome to learn more on our website


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    Ed Ball

    Is there any way to add the Mobile Layout back to a site?

    I realize this is not ideal, and it would be much better if the site was responsive and we are working towards that. However at this time we are not ready for this. Our current theme is mostly custom and we have been fine until the site we just created. Our theme is not responsive and yes it's a little old by web standards. We are starting to work on a new one, but for now we really need the option for mobile layout. No it may not be ideal, but it does make it easier for users on their smaller devices until we can get our side worked out.

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    Ryan McGrew

    Hi Ed,

    If you are using a theme that was not started from Copenhagen you should be able to re-enable the Mobile Layout. If you branched off of Copenhagen and removed the responsiveness from the theme, could you please file a ticket with and mention me. Then we can take it from there. There might be something we can do.


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    mariliam (Edited )

    @ Ryan, We were just testing the Copenhagen theme on a testing account and the page is not responsive at all in any device. We tried on various or different screen sizes with the same result. and even started over with a clean submission.

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    Ryan McGrew

    Hi @marilliam,


    I just took a look at the site you linked to. I appears you're missing an important line from the Header template. I think if you add this at the top of that template it should work:

    <meta content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=0" name="viewport" />
     Let me know if that helps. Thanks!
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    Thanks, Ryan that helped! No idea how it was removed to begin with. 

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