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  • Hillary Latham
    Community Moderator

    Looks like I have to add this to deactivated forms too?  I have multiple teams building forms for new products and services, so if I want to limit the use of this app to certain teams, I still have to have all teams add these fields to their form?  Feels weird to ask a team to remember to add two fields they are not going to use to any new form they build otherwise they break this for the rest of us.

  • Stephen Fusco

    Hey Hillary, 

    You should only need to add these to active forms. A colleague and I both performed tests just to be sure and the time tracking app successfully worked in 2 test accounts when the fields weren't present on an inactive form. 

    I'm going to pull you into a ticket to investigate further. You should hear from me via email soon! 

  • Tracy Scobba

    It is really a pain to have to add the two fields to every form ... in an Enterprise plan, you're going to have lots of brands and forms. Seems like we should be able to limit the app in some way so that it doesn't break every time a brand adds a new form.


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