Is it possible to have multiple JIRA integrations in one Zendesk Support account?

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  • Javier Garay


    I really think that this must be supported. Almost support 2 or more Zendesk integrated with 1 Jira.

    Zendesk its a so expensive solution with so many restrictions. I really don't understand.

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Javier! Welcome to the Community!

    Thank you for sharing you feedback on this. The JIRA integration is just that - an add-on that allows Zendesk to talk to JIRA and vice versa, rather than a hard-coded feature of the product. The app doesn't support adding multiple JIRA integrations at this time.

    If you're willing, though, I'd encourage you to share your suggestion in our Product Feedback topic! This way other users can add their votes and use cases and our Product Managers can see it.

  • Mindaugas Verkys

    We need not multiple jira integrations, but multiple zendesk integrations into one jira account.

  • Scott Makin

    I agree, very common to have multiple instances within a larger organisation, with different teams working across multiple products.

    Ideally you would be able to link one project in JIRA to one sub-domain in Zendesk.

    Multiple times.

    Has anyone seen this working?


  • Javier Garay


    Scott, I'm using the Zendesk JIRA Connector provided by IntegrateCloud. I really recommend it.

    Have a look here:


  • Jon F

    Hi Javier, or anyone else that knows,

    We have a single Zendesk instance but two separate JIRA instances, and we want tickets in Zendesk to Link and Create tickets inside JIRA, no matter which JIRA instance we are linking/creating in.  The Zendesk JIRA connector made by Zendesk only allows integration / connection to a single JIRA instance which is a big bummer for us, as we are a backup software developer and we have a European and a US office and we develop different products, which have unique workflows hence the need to integrate with two separate JIRA instances from our single Zendesk Support instance, for supporting all of our software products.  One way to add this support after reading this thread, is to add a third party Zendesk JIRA connector to Zendesk to run alongside the Zendesk JIRA connector (created by Zendesk) which works great btw, which the JIRA connector app (v1) by IntegrateCloud seemed like it could do, to work as a second JIRA app connected to the second JIRA instance.  This should allow our Zendesk Support Agents on both of our two support teams to Link and Create JIRA issues inside Zendesk, for the two JIRA instances that we have.  However we found that after getting used to the Zendesk JIRA connector that there are some big bugs and limited functionality when using the IntegrateCloud app versus the Zendesk JIRA connector made by Zendesk.  There are some bugs or functionality limitations in it that make it not feasible to use for us across all of our JIRA projects + issue types, compared to the JIRA connector made by Zendesk which works flawlessly in our testing for a couple of years now.  We also noticed that it says that the IntegrateCloud app is running in "Trial" mode as discussed below, even though all of the other text found in JIRA Marketplace and Zendesk Marketplace for this app shows that this app is free to use for Cloud use (we only have Cloud based instances of Zendesk and JIRA).

    Is the "Zendesk JIRA Connector provided by IntegrateCloud" app, for Cloud based use, a completely free solution?  I installed it and it shows "Trial" in big font at the top right of the actual plugin, after installing it when you click on the yellow light bulb icon it displays a screen that says that more features can be unlocked.

    As we can see here I have the standard JIRA for Zendesk app (built by Zendesk, v4.0) installed and now the Zendesk JIRA by IntegrateCloud installed and both work, one goes to the first JIRA instance that we have, and the other goes to the other JIRA instance that we have, to allow for linking and creating to JIRA issues on two different JIRA instances, from one Zendesk instance/domain.

    We can see "On trial" inside the app, we have Cloud based JIRA (two separate instances) and one cloud based Zendesk instance.  I'm wondering why it shows "On trial" here, when all of the other text shows this should be free for Zendesk and JIRA cloud use.


    The product page in JIRA's Marketplace shows that the application is "Free for Cloud use" in the Marketplace entry:

    After clicking "Get it now" it shows "This app is free for Jira Cloud":

    When you click on "Get it now" button, when you select "Cloud" it shows "This app is free for Jira Cloud.".  When you click on "Learn more" there, it takes you to the product's website which shows "Get free 7 day trial".  It is very confusing.

    The product page in Zendesk's Marketplace shows the application is "Free" as seen here:


    For us, the Zendesk JIRA Connector provided by IntegrateCloud has some bugs and lacks the functionality of Zendesk's own JIRA connector (v4.0, which does not allow connecting to multiple JIRA instances at this time).  In our testing the IntegrateCloud Zendesk JIRA connector does not work to allow creating JIRA tickets from inside Zendesk for some issue types in certain projects, unlike the standard JIRA addon for Zendesk, built by Zendesk in the Marketplace here:

    Here we are trying to create a new JIRA Issue with the Zendesk JIRA Connector provided by IntegrateCloud app, and since this JIRA Project requires certain fields to be filled in to be able to create the actual issue, such as "Version" and "Environment", possibly these are field types that the IntegrateCloud app can't handle, we cannot actually create the issue because we get the red error at the bottom of the screen in the screenshot below:

    As we can see in the error that comes up when you click "Create Issue" at this point, it shows environment is required, but there is no field that you are filling out in the IntegrateCloud app, so it is unable to create an issue like this if that field is required but is not asked for.  In addition, the "Fix Version/s" field does not allow any pull-down values to be seen or selected, and it does not allow manually typing in the answer manually for the version, and we see "versions" in the red error when attempting to create the issue without the version being filled in (because it cannot be entered).  This problem does not occur for the very same project when creating a JIRA issue using the official Zendesk JIRA connector app made by Zendesk, that one works perfectly and supports all of our field types out of the box.  As far as I can tell there is no way to configure the way fields map using the IntegrateCloud edition of the app.  The IntegrateCloud app does allow creation of other types of issues in other projects, possibly because the fields are supported easier.

    Some notes about the functionality or bugs in Zendesk JIRA Connector provided by IntegrateCloud, that I have made in testing (06/12/2019):

    The JIRA plugin cannot handle certain Project’s field types for the “Create Issue” in the plugin, because some field types are not supported, it cannot create the ticket as some of these fields that do NOT work with the JIRA plugin for Create Issue are required fields in JIRA for that project.

    The Link JIRA Issue function does not support auto-complete / partial searches of Issue #’s or Issue subject’s.  The JIRA issue # has to be typed in fully by the end user.  The official JIRA plugin built by Zendesk's own Link issue function allows to type to start searching issues.. for partial searches and after narrowing down to a specific JIRA issue # it will display the results in real-time before accepting the answer.

    After deleting a JIRA issue that is linked by the JIRA plugin in a Zendesk ticket, the linked JIRA issue displays as “Status = Open”.  It doesn’t know that the JIRA issue was deleted and does not refresh even when forcing the refresh of Zendesk and disabling and re-enabling the plugin.

    It looks like they stopped or paused the development of IntegrateCloud Zendesk-JIRA Integration app, Cloud edition, as of version 1.0, and that was last put in place 433 days ago in Zendesk Marketplace, seen after installing the cloud edition of the app from Manage Apps in our Zendesk:

    It would be great to get an updated version that fixes the bugs or lack of full functionality compared to the much superior JIRA connector app made by Zendesk themselves v4.0.  If only the JIRA connector app by Zendesk could connect to more than one JIRA instance it would solve all of our issues..

  • Javier Garay

    Hi Jon.

    The integratecloud connector is free as is. If there is some bug, you should report it. The adventage here is the flexibility provided by vendor. If you need to do something special or do some integration "magic", then you will have to contact them. They can setup a custom integration between your zendesk and Jira instances using their connector. They can go as far as you need. For example, if you need to actively sync a field, I mean, keep a field value sychronized, no matter if the change was made in zendesk or in jira, they can do it. There is no way to do something like that with the connector provided by zendesk, because zendesk developers are not going to do any customization for you. I'm sure they can also connect your only one zendesk with all your jira instances using just one app interface.

    Have a nice day.



  • IntegrateCloud

    Thanks Javier for the response.

    Yes our solution works pretty much fine.It always upto date and we do active development.Since Zendesk provides a flexible framework we can push latest releases through our servers instead of updating the apps on the Zendesk marketplace.

    With respect to the error the affect version issue is related to permission issue on JIRA.If you create a ticket here we can help you fix the issue:

    With respect to the app being free we provide free till 20 tickets.

  • Jon F

    Hello IntegrateCloud,

    Thanks for the reply.  Your response of "Free until 20 tickets" for the cloud edition of the app is, in my opinion, misleading.  Is there a limit to how many Link (JIRA issue linking) operations that can be performed?  Where is the "Free until 20 tickets" documented in the JIRA and Zendesk Marketplace listings for this app as I certainly do not see that anywhere.  I only see "Free" displayed in both JIRA and Zendesk Marketplace listings with no mention of the 20 tickets limit.  If it is going to be a trial please mention "Free Trial" instead of "Free" on the Marketplace listing, and then mention the 20 tickets limit somewhere if it does not exist currently.  I will certainly go ahead and create the support tickets for the Zendesk JIRA connector IntegrateCloud app. 

    Is it correct that the latest edition of your app (installed cleanly in our Zendesk Cloud on 06/12/2019) is version 1.0 and has not been updated for 433 days when viewed in the Manage App area once it is installed in Zendesk?  Is that the latest edition that should be displayed there, as the screenshot in my prior above post shows?

    Thank you.

  • IntegrateCloud

    Sure.Let me ask the product team to update the app to say that its a paid app.With respect to version our app is updated from our servers itself.So we dont have to update it from the app section.With respect to last update it was done in May 2019 but it will not reflected in the Zendesk marketplace since we update it on our servers.


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