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    James Spence

    "*Note: Follow-up tickets will always read as being via web, even if they are technically created via email reply to a closed ticket."

    Is there a way to quickly distinguish between Web tickets manually entered by a member of the Support Team and Web Tickets created as follow-up tickets via email?  It's confusing my reporting to have to caveat the numbers created via Web with this distinction.

    Many thanks



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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi James! I'm not totally sure of the answer here, so I'm gong to see if I can someone to help you.

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    Keith @ Zendesk

    Hey James,

    You could create a Custom Ticket Field that says Agent Made or Follow Up.  You could then set up a Trigger that looks at "Ticket Created" and the "Channel", and then for it to set the newly created Ticket Field accordingly.  That should make it much easier to both observe and Report on.

    Hope that helps!

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    Ana Bautista

    Hi Jessie, 

    In my report I receive these channels: 


    1. What is the main difference between help_center and web? Especially considering that "web" are "tickets created within the Support agent interface, in the Help Center through the Submit a Request form, and follow-up tickets". So, where are the tickets under "help_center" created?

    2. The report I would like to see is the channels through which tickets have been created and the fact that follow-up tickets are categorized as "web" its confusing for me. So for example, tickets that are created via email and then followed up via the support agent interface are shown as "web"?

    Thanks a lot



    So my main

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Ana!

    For your first question, help_center refers to tickets that have been created from article comments, or community posts or comments. In your own Help Center, you'll see the option to create a ticket from a post or comment by clicking the gear icon next to it and selecting Create a ticket.

    For your second question, "follow up" doesn't refer to an agent's response to an open ticket. A follow-up ticket is a ticket that's created when an end-user tries to respond to a ticket that's already in Closed status.

    So, if a ticket is created via mail, that ticket will always have that as the source.

    If that ticket goes to Closed status, and the customer responds to one of the notification emails they received on that ticket, Zendesk will automatically create a follow-up ticket because Closed tickets can't be re-opened or edited in any way. The follow-up ticket will always show as coming from "web".


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