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    Todd Eldridge

    Isn't there an easier way to see who is CC'd?  The "original email" could be very far down.  Not a great option.  Is there an plug-in maybe that can show this?  The original email only shows who should be CC'd but not who is actually receiving updates.

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    Dan Emery


    We have "anybody can submit tickets" enabled but people listed added CCs are not getting emails. Why is that?

    Do they need to be verified users?

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Dan!

    Offhand, I'd recommend checking to make sure that you have CCs enabled. Go to Admin, scroll down to Settings, and click Tickets. The fourth section down on that page is where you'll find your CC settings. Make sure that the box is checked next to Enable CCs on tickets, and that you have the correct settings for whether just agents or agents AND end users can add CCs to tickets. For good measure, make sure that there isn't anything under the CC blacklist that shouldn't be there as well. Then scroll down and click Save.

    Can you give more detail about who's not receiving the emails? Are they agents or end users? Are you certain that nobody is receiving them, or are only certain users not getting them?

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    From the article:

    "If an email address is added as a CC on a ticket that is not associated with an existing user in Support, the CC will be ignored and not added to the ticket. "

    Did this change recently? We've had 'anybody can submit' disabled forever but we also have lots of endusers that were never explicitly added by us, because they were added in email cc's by our customers.

    My experience used to be that cc e-mail addresses in tickets from registered users via the e-mail channel get added as cc in the ticket.

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    Justin Smith

    Hey Harold!

    Justin here from the advocacy team.

    To answer your first question, no this specific feature hasn't been changed recently in terms of when people are added to the account.  With that in mind, it is a bit odd that the users would be added via CC's if you've always had the 'Anyone can submit tickets' setting disabled.  The only way I can think of for those users to be added to the account would be if they were added by an Agent or Admin though the interface.

    If you have users that were not added by an agent, but were CC'd and added to the account, I would recommend sending in a ticket to along with the user name, ticket number and your account subdomain.  From there we can delve into this further and make a solid determination.

    I hope that helps!

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