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    Great to have this feature! I’m just wondering if I can find any examples on how this is appear for the costumers? Would be great if you can get any voice recordings on this and how to change the message to our own recordings.

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    Dan Kondzela

    Hi Jesper, thanks for your post, great question.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that particular recording is not currently workable. The message is a system default that is not customizable, and will play at the beginning of the customer's time in the queue if the average wait time hits 2 minutes.

    I apologize for the inconvenience here, but I would always recommend making your opinion on these features heard on our Product Feedback Page: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/200132066-Product-feedback

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    Sebastiaan Wijchers


    We've done some testing with this functionality. It looks/sounds good, but the required conditions to trigger this message don't match our needs.

    Currently you need an average wait time that's higher than two minutes for the current day. In our situation it would make more sense if this message is triggered when the average wait time is higher than two minutes for the current queue. When you've had a peak in calls, the message might be played during the rest of the day, while there's no more serious wait time. You want this message to play during that peak.

    The other condition is that this is on a wait time per number base, but multiple numbers can route to the same group. So a wait time per group base would make more sense to us. This also works the other way around, certain IVR options can route to properly available groups, while other IVR options might route to a group with a high wait time.

    We've also noticed that calls that are abandoned in queue count to the average wait time on the dashboard. Those calls don't really give a representation of the average wait time, as these were never assigned to an agent.

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Sebastiaan! Thanks for sharing your feedback! I'll be sure to pass it along. 

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    Caroline Kello

    Hey Sebastiaan,

    Totally hear what you're saying about the current queue governing the average wait time message, that's great feedback but not something we're looking at changing anytime soon but will definitely keep it in mind if we touch in and around that feature. 

    As for the wait time per group; this also makes sense but would be a bigger restructure on our part since we do structure everything around the phone number. Creating wait times per group makes sense but again would be a bigger restructure in how we view queues as a whole in Talk. 

    Appreciate the feedback! Thanks for reaching out as always :)

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