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    Daniel Cooper

    This is an awesome tip.  Thanks for sharing! 

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    Vladan Jovic

    Really great tip! Thank you for sharing! Maybe one more thing from me:

    If you want to add more disclaimers to the page it's better to use Classes instead of IDs,

    so this part from the code:


    should be



    #disclaimer { color: red; }

    to this

    .disclaimer { color: red; }
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    Leah Guest

    Great suggestion, Vladan! One thing to look out for when using classes is specificity issues. If you're using the Copenhagen theme, there's some default styling that will override 

    .disclaimer { color: red; }

    so, for the Copenhagen theme, you'd need to use something like

    .form-field .disclaimer  {color: red;} 

     to have your styling show up in the form field!



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    Vladan Jovic

    Ahhh, good catch, Leah! 

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