What does "Email size cannot exceed 8192 bytes" mean?

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  • Robert Sutherland

     Is there any workaround or pre-parsing trick for the liquid markup that would allow me to fit what I want to fit inside the content of the trigger? I have a trigger that I want setup that exceeds this limit due to it requiring a LOT of liquid markup... the end-result is only a couple paragraphs though.

  • Ferran Barneda Delporte

    Hi Robert,

    I would attempt to use Dynamic Content to try to reduce the amount of content in your Tiggers, I could see that this workaround worked well for some of our customers in the past.

    Here you have an article that explains this feature.

  • Aleksey Kislov

    I'm sorry but this limitation has nothing to do with modern reality. Email templates are complex structures with a lot of HTML layout that is there to make sure it gets rendered properly in different email clients. And if you want to design something better than some ugly default plain text response, this limit is way too low.


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