How can I make merged tickets' comments private by default?

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  • Yunus Unia
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    This doesn't look like a very good solution to the problem, rather, a trade-off between one manual option or another. I either have to choose to uncheck a box that prevents requesters from seeing tickets were merged or manually click to have a public response on a ticket. I'm forced to pick the lesser of two evils. Really?

    Your clients have been begging for a solution that allows them to have the checkbox unchecked by default and these pleas have gone ignored for nearly three years, maybe even longer. I'm very disappointed in Zendesk's failure to recognize and prioritize how much this could improve the productivity and workflow of everybody using your service.

  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Hi Yunus,

    Longevity of a request is not a data point we use to prioritize what should be developed; just because it's something someone brought up a while ago doesn't mean it's the most important thing to the greatest number of people. We look at how many users an improvement will impact, how significant/business critical the functionality is, whether it's current state is actually preferable for the majority of users, and what other developments we have coming that may solve for the problem in the future, to name a few of the factors.

    We receive hundreds of feedback requests every week, and can only develop a few dozen per quarter. Product development and improvement is a constant process of ruthless prioritization, which means that there are many improvements we would like to make that we simply cannot prioritize over more critical things.

    The feedback thread for this functionality - which I see you have already posted in as well - continues to be open for users to vote on and share their comments in. It is a request that may get picked up at some point, but is not currently on the roadmap for 2019.

  • McCabe Tonna
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    might see if i can have this unchecked by default with a private app

  • Oliver Tietze
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    The solution is not a solution.

    Danielle asked to change the defaults for MERGING tickets.

    The reply is for ALL tickets.

    So, here's my intense +1 to this request. We habe plenty of tickets to merge, and even though our standard is to communicate publicly, we prefer to NOT notify the user about administrational or 'technical' stuff.




    P.S.  McCabe if you have found anything... please let us know!


  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Appreciate you sharing your feedback Oliver.

    I also encourage you to cross-post in the feedback post related to this functionality you're looking for: "Requester can see this comment" default setting

    Thanks again!

  • Katie Saddlemire
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    Nicole, if I may lovingly provide feedback on your response (which I realize was some time ago): I think you could edit your language to be a little more customer forward. Hearing that "just because it's something someone brought up a while ago doesn't mean it's the most important thing to the greatest number of people" makes me concerned that you don't take customer feedback seriously, which is an impression I'm sure you did not mean to give. I do appreciate your providing an honest answer. 

    I agree with the assessment here, and I wonder what the development lift is to making so small a change. 

  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Hi Katie - 

    Thanks for your feedback, and I apologize if it came off wrong. I'll tweak my responses in the future to better communicate what I mean. We definitely take feedback seriously, and I wouldn't want to give any other impression. 



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