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    Joel Hellman

    This article is helpful, but I would love to see an example use case.

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    Bernd Sawatzki

    Hallo ,

    in which dataset ( in incremental exports / api ) can we find these historic fields ???


    Bernd Sawatzki

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    Amy Dee

    Hi Joel! Sorry about the delay! There are a lot of use cases where the Historic attributes could be helpful. For example, you could find all tickets that were ever in Urgent priority, which agent was assigned to a ticket before it was escalated, or which group logs the most handle time.

    Here's a quick example that uses satisfaction ratings. In this ticket, "Sally Staff Agent" got a bad rating. Then, agent "Amy Dee" took over, and the customer changed their rating to good. The ticket attributes - Ticket Assignee and Ticket Satisfaction Score - show the current rating and current assignee. However, with Ticket Assignee (Historic) and Satisfaction New Value, we can see who was assigned at earlier ratings:


    To Bernd - the Historic attributes are only available in Insights. They aren't stored as data points in the incremental or audits API. The API endpoints focus on the values that actually change.

    In Insights, the Historic attributes are stored in the "System Field History" dataset, which is connected to the "Ticket Text Field Change," "Ticket Numeric Change," and "Satisfaction Survey Change" datasets.

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    Bernd Sawatzki

    Hallo Amy,

    we want to count the tickets a certain agent worked in on a certain date, where the (historic) ticket-group to this date has a certain value.

    I tried with ticket-comments or ticket-updates, but there can be more than one comment / update in one ticket, so my report ( counting tickets ) is not correct !?!

    Do you have an idea, how wo can solve this problem / reporting ...

    Bernd Sawatzki

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