Why can't I add a checkbox field in my view?

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  • Paul
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    Hi Amy, 

    I think it would be noteworthy for the article to include that the same applies in triggers i.e. if a custom field checkbox has no 'tag' then custom field conditions do not appear for selection in a trigger either.

  • Jessie Schutz
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    Hi Paul! 

    This is a really great point! I'm not sure whether it's specified in any of our Triggers documentation. I'll be sure to pass this along!

  • Anton
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    In my case I need a checkbox like in Home View, to multiple-select all of the tickets, not a custom field.
    For bulk processing of tickets generated by other systems notifications.
    Is there a way to have that?

  • Erika Camille Sundian
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    Hi Anton,

    Are you looking into a feature that can bulk edit/update multiple tickets? You simply need to select the box on the left side of the view then click the option "Edit X tickets" on the top right hand corner:

    You may also refer to this article for more information about bulk ticket updates: Managing tickets in bulk

    If this is not what you are referring to could you clarify your question a bit for me? Any additional information you can provide is appreciated. 


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