Can I connect my contact form with Zendesk?

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  • ravleen kaur

    Can  it be done for android mobile application too?

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Ravleen! Welcome to the Community!

    I'm going to see if I can find someone to answer this for you, since I'm not entirely sure. Stand by!

  • Joseph May

    Hi Ravleen-

    We have a set of SDKs for mobile integration - more about that here. I would also suggest visiting our SDK Developer Community for additional questions/issues.



  • Montana George

    We have a custom contact us page on our website ( When the user submits the form, it triggers an email with the information to an email address which also creatives a ZenDesk ticket. The issue is that the form sends it from a generic email address, not the customers, so it doesn't tie the case with the customer's account and you can't reply directly to the customer. Is there a way to solve this with your API? Or do you have examples of how other ZenDesk customers solved for this?

  • Heather R


    I submitted a test just a minute ago and after I did it I realized that you're basically using your site to generate an email and *that* is sent into Zendesk to create a ticket, correct?

    To reiterate - the form on your site is not a Zendesk form but rather some other element that then pushes the info via email forwarding into your Zendesk account, correct?

    If that's the case, I'd recommend using the Zendesk form and either embedding it in your site or using the widget - there is a beta to customize the widget.

    There are other awesome Admins that might know the magic of using an API with your current setup but I'm not aware of a way to tease out info from a form that generates and email that then gets routed to your Zendesk.... I've only been able to pull the info directly from the form to Zendesk which has been a complete lifesaver.

    Hopefully that helps!


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