How does Zendesk handle Reply-To?

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  • Artur Teixeira

    Hello Anna,

    I'm having an issue with this, even though our email goes from a noreply address, our reply_to is another email.

    When sent from Zendesk, I found that the ReplyTo is not actually superseeding the From, and as such, emails are being sent to noreply.

    Did something change?

  • James Sanford

    Hey Artur!

    Oftentimes for issues of this nature there is something else that has occurred other than a change to this functionality.  It will be best to troubleshoot this with specific examples of what you are seeing.

    I've created a ticket #4163339 for you so we can start investigating this with you, please keep an eye out in your email for that response - thanks!


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