JIRA: Zendesk comments created by 'notify a Zendesk ticket' are posted by the JIRA Integrator

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  • Jozef Laplanche


    Is there any way to fix a situation as described in the title of this article?

    I've tried uninstalling and disconnecting the Zendesk Add-on in Jira and reinstalling it with  generic accounts in Jira and Zendesk, as suggested, but it still keeps using my own admin account for the "Notify" comments added to the Jira tickets.

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  • Jozef Laplanche

    Quick update, I managed to fix it with the help of the Zendesk support.

    The key to solving my problem was this:

    " ... the JIRA admin account who installed the Zendesk add-on at the time of the integration configuration."

    The account used to install the add-on in Jira is the one that is going to be displayed as the poster of the comments that are made through the "Notify" feature in Zendesk.


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