HTML and Markdown used in dynamic content does not render in trigger emails or agent signatures

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  • Maddy Cimino

    Are there any plans for HTML/Markdown used in Dynamic Content to be supported in Zendesk trigger emails? 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Maddy - 

    Apologies for the delayed response, and welcome to the Zendesk Community! 

    This is not presently in the product development roadmap. 

    Let us know if you have any additional questions! 

  • Maria Karenda


    We need this functionality to work as well for our email templates.

    Is there any update?

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Maria!

    There haven't been any changes to this functionality. If you'd like, please feel free to post your suggestion and detailed use case in our Product Feedback topic, so other users can add their votes and our Product Managers will be sure to see it!

  • Khalid Saji


    We're still waiting to use this function in our email macro's.

    Any updates?


  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Khalid,

    What functionality are you looking to use in your macros? Are you looking to use HTML in your macros? Any additional information you can provide is greatly appreciated :)


  • Carly Lucas-Melanson

    Hi Brett, 

    Our team is currently looking to incorporate HTML and general formatting (indentations, headers, etc) into dynamic content macros. We're ultimately trying to pull this dynamic content into our community posts to localize the display of community content for each user. Would love to see a solution in one form or another to this need!



  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for taking the time to share this with us Carly!

    I'll pass this feedback along to the appropriate team for review :)

    If they have any additional questions they will follow-up here.


  • Dillon

    Hi all, my team has been facing the same issue with Markdown not rendering if applied via trigger/dynamic content.

    Adding in the Voice of the Customer questionnaire that I'll be sending to our CSMs, hopefully this gets added to the roadmap.

    VoC Questionnaire

    - Short description of the problem
        - HTML/Markdown used in dynamic content does not render in trigger emails
    - Problem Priority (Low, Normal, High, Urgent)
        - Normal
    - Who has the problem (main persona only)?
        - End-Users, Admins, Content Managers
    - Describe the problem and needs
        - When we use a trigger to send a notification to a customer using Dynamic Content, the email does not render Markdown formatting
        - The problem is that the internal note left on Zendesk renders correctly, but the end-user email will show the "raw" unparsed Markdown
        - We need Markdown to be rendered at the time of email submission
    - Describe Impact
        - Impact to end-users: content in received email does not match what we expected to send, confusion into Markdown formatting characters
        - Impact to Content Managers & Admins: high-touch back-and-forth to see what content renders correctly
    - List / Describe workarounds you have tried
        - Instead of embedding hyperlinks within a word or phrase, we are forced to break up the sentence with hyphens or add the link at the end to preserve message continuity
        - Workaround could include applying text via the existing trigger, but we rely on Dynamic Content for the varied localisation functionality

  • Patricia Pérez-Hinojosa

    I've just find a way to solve this problem. Probably a useful bug! If the dynamic content includes a {{dc.key}} of another dynamic content key it renders the HTML without problems. So probably, best solution is just include a dot for example or a hidden div if you don't have a recurrent element in dynamic content. 

    Ex. Visit our <a href="">{{dc.helpcenter}}</a>.

    Then just include the outer {{dc.key}} in the trigger. It worked out for us!

  • Jonathan March
    Community Moderator

    Thank you Patricia Pérez-Hinojosa , that's a great find (even it it's not officially supported, which makes me nervous!)

  • Thomas de Silva

    Hi guys.


    The fix Patricia Pérez-Hinojosa suggested works, but please be aware. There can be no underscores in the DC string name, that won't work.


    #helpsome regards,
    Thomas de Silva

    Zendesk Consultant @

  • Sriram Prakash

    Hello All, 

    I have a multi selection list  

    When I send an email from a trigger by referencing it 


    This is the result

    docking_station keyboard monitors mouse

    These are the tags.  They are delimited by space.  Is there a way for format it into a vertical list?  To make it more readable for the recipient?  

    Thank you all for your input and guidance.



  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Sriram,

    Can you try formatting your placeholder to look similar to the following?

    ticket.ticket_field_option_title_<field ID number>

    Let me know if that doesn't get you the results you're looking for.


  • Sriram Prakash

    Thank you so much Brett.

    I tried it and now the content is 

    docking_station, keyboard, monitors, mouse

    Which is way better than before.  Thank you!

    Are there additional formatting tips you have?

    Thank you so much


  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Sriram,

    I frequently check this article for any updates to our available placeholders: Zendesk Support placeholders reference

    I hope this helps!

  • Youran Kock

    Hey everyone!

    I'm trying to embed a hyperlink in a dynamic content macro but running into trouble. The HTML isn't rendering and even when trying the fix submitted by Patricia Pérez-Hinojosa I'm running into some issues.

    Right now I have the Dynamic content for the macro set up, and in there have the <a href="xxxxxx">{{dc.placeholder}}</a> set up. The content for dc.placeholder is just some words ('Checklist'). When sending the macro the entire html just shows up in the email, not just the hyperlinkled content like we want to. I made sure there are no underscores anywhere in the dc.

    Maybe its the last sentence of Patricia's suggestion that I'm forgetting but I'm not sure what she means with that. Could anyone help me out here? Thanks!

  • Nicequest Admin

    The solution of combining the placeholder inside the HTML formatted text just works when the outer placeholder is placed directly in the trigger. For example, to be used as an autoreply. We haven't found a way to include formatted HTML in Macros. Such a pity to have to made this workarounds that works only for some purposes. 

  • Youran Kock

    Nicequest Admin I was afraid that would be the case, thanks for clarifying! Such a shame though, would be so useful to be able to use this in macros to link to web articles etc. Brett Bowser do you have any idea if this is in the product development roadmap? Would be amazing!

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    HI Youran - 

    I checked in with the product manager for this area, and she said nothing along these lines is currently planned. However, she encourages you to submit an official request in the Feedback on Support community topic, so that she can follow the request and other users can vote for it and add their comments. 

    If you haven't posted there before, here are the guidelines and tips on writing a good feedback post

  • dave cohen
    click this box if using macros and voila.
    Include plain text fallback
    Certain channels such as mobile, Facebook, and Twitter don't support rich content. In those cases, we'll use the plain text fallback

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