Changing bad satisfaction ratings to good

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  • Marci Abraham

    Very helpful article! I have one question. I want to put the {{satisfaction.positive_rating_url}} directly into a ticket reply, to offer the user the opportunity to change his rating.

    But in a test message I sent to a fake user (not an agent), when I clicked the link, it required a login. Is this expected? Or is it perhaps due to our SSO?

    Our users don't normally have to login to rate a ticket from the {{satisfaction.positive_rating_url}}  which we use in our satisfaction automation.

    And I really don't want to bother a negative user with having to create a login to give us a positive rating! I think it really decreases the chance of getting the desired result if we have roadblocks.

    Would the behavior be different if I used one of the options above?

  • Molly

    Hey Marci!

    So either {{satisfaction.positive_rating_url}} or {{satisfaction.rating_section}} should work for a follow up to a bad rating. It would need to follow a ticket where the satisfaction has already been offered though.

    If you used those placeholders in a new ticket or one where the satisfaction hadn't been offered yet, it would prompt the user to login to view their request. 

    Hope that helps!

  • Rob Baker

    This has been a lifesaver for our CSAT!  Interesting if other folks are encountering errors where Customers swear they didn't rate a ticket negatively.  The shortcut Molly shared about is great in that instance, but it still seems odd given how much whitespace is between the two links in the section.  We've had 4 out of 168 ratings wind up in that state.  2% is not a lot in the scheme of things, but surprising to me nonetheless.

  • Hema Mansukhani


    How can i find the history of the original rating if a customer changed their rating?

    Please advise for both good data and explore options

    Thank you


  • Bob Sherer

    @Rob Baker, I am dealing with my company's second bad rating and second case of "I didn't know I had submitted a rating at all!" I sure hope this doesn't keep happening. The first case was this summer. And we don't like it. : |

  • Marcia Keren

    Hello! I just sent the instructions to our customer so he can change the bad rating. After following the instructions, he doesn't have the option of "change rating" as explained above. Why could be the reason? He is logged in into Zendesk portal.

  • Patrick Bosmans

    Hello Marcia,

    If the ticket that they are trying to adjust is a closed ticket, then they will not be able to submit an edit as a closed ticket is un-editbable

    If that doesn't happen to be the case, we can create a ticket for your and follow up privately.

  • Rob Baker

    @Bob Sherer - This topic discusses a possible reason for these bad ratings - .  I'm worried about the workaround negatively impacting the number of ratings we get by doubling the click count.   

  • NathanCrumback

    This article is great! 

    Is there a way to track the number of "bad" ratings that have been changed to "good" and/or vice versa? 


  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Nathan,

    If you're using Insights to pull this information you have a couple of options. You can set up a trigger to tag any tickets that go from Bad to Good. Then create an Insights report to pull tickets that contain that tag.

    The other option would be to use the # Satisfaction Change metric to see what tickets changed to Good or Bad.

    You can view a full list of available metrics within Insights here: Insights metrics reference

    Hope the above information helps!

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Nathan,

    As far as I can tell there's not a similar metric within Explore so Insights will be your best option. Here's a list of existing Explore metrics: Metrics and attributes for Zendesk Support

    Hope this helps!


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