Standardizing your outbound caller ID

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  • Jonas /

    is it possible to restrict specific outbound numbers to certain agents?


    For example we have one outbound number for Support and one for our ShoppingTeam.


    I want each team to have their own outbound number.



  • Caroline Kello
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Jonas,

    This isn't possible at the moment but it's good feedback, thanks for sharing it. I think your safest bet here is to give each of the phone numbers a unique nickname to make sure that your agents are picking the right number to call from. 

    Thanks again, Caroline

  • Jonas /

    I think this is a very common problem.

    Can I somehow speed up the process of implementation?
    (e.g. letting other users vote)



  • Caroline Kello
    Zendesk Product Manager

    I don't think there's a Product feedback forum post around this topic, I'd suggest you post here so that other users can find you feedback and vote for it if they agree and product will also use this to gauge impact. 

    Thanks, Caroline

  • Erika H

    @Caroline My company just launched Talk in our contact center and it has mostly been a success.  We were disappointed to realize that the Callback feature doesn't synch with the enabled "outbound calling" number for the account.  Are there any plans to improve the customization options for Callback caller ID?  Specifically:

    We have 6 "zendesk phone numbers" to route calls to specific agent groups based on selecitons made by customers;

    We have a longstanding/trusted 1-800 number that we prefer to display as the caller ID when we call customers;

    We successfully added our external 800 number to our ZD Talk account for outbound calls and disabled "outbound calling" for all 6 of the ZenDesk numbers;

    When we tested the "callback" option with the 800 number in place for outbound calling, we discovered that the caller ID still displays the ZenDesk phone number of the queue the customer called, not the 800 number that we have configured.

    Thanks in advance for any information!

  • Caroline Kello
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Erika,

    Thanks for the feedback. I can see where you're coming from, in your case where you only have 1 number available for outbound calls - all calls should be made from this number, regardless of how they made their way into your instance. 

    We've nothing on the immediate roadmap to handle this, but I understand your need. 

    Thanks again for reaching out and sharing. Cheers, Caroline

  • Fiona

    We have a random Zendesk Talk number whose location is stated as a town we are not in. Is there a way to show our account name as the caller ID when we make outbound calls?

    E.g. instead of (256) 555 5555 Russellville, AL, to show our account number as the incoming caller.

    I know we can choose a different number, but that still wouldn't help us to show who is calling. 


  • Larry Click

    Looking for a way to add text to the caller ID for outbound calls to identify the company. Many customers think it's spam or robocalls and don't answer causing longer to resolve the issue due to "playing phone tag".  I'd like to be able to set the outbound caller ID to the Nickname that is already listed on those numbers.

  • Larry Click

    Does anyone know how the outbound number is saved for the next use? I have a rep that needs to choose every time. I choose one number and it stays there. Is there a cookie or something that stores that info?

  • Wolf Hilbl


    we have the same problem as Erika. We have a support number that was in use for years and are currently forwarding those calls to our Talk number but it would be great if we could "fake" going out with our old number.

    Kind regards


  • Bonnie Svoboda

    I noticed this thread ended without an answer. We contacted support and received a response, but wondering if anyone out there has been able to get their caller ID switched to identify their respective business as the source. Our phone number comes up as either Spam Caller or as the prior business owner in a state thousands of miles away from us. Phone tag, as was mentioned in an earlier thread, is inefficient in the word of sales calls.

  • Brian Brown

    In order to add your company caller ID, international calling needs to be enabled. Is adding international calling and extra Zendesk fee? 

  • Rohan Gupta


    Thanks for the feedback.
    We do not currently support a functionality for phone number masking. We have added this to the backlog but cannot provide any date for its availability.

    As a temporary workaround an external phone number can be added in Zendesk without any extra charge which can be used for making outbound calls.

    The steps to add an external number are detailed in the article here:


  • pstrauss

    How do we set our Caller ID on outbound agent calls to display our company name (and different names for individual brands on Multibrand?)

    Our calls are all showing up as "TOLL FREE CALL"


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