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    Christopher Elliott

    Phone number validation does not work for phone systems with an IVR that has number options.

    Is there another way to validate a number as the automated system calling cannot process IVR options.

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    Sebastiaan Wijchers

    Two questions:

    1. Will this also work for numbers that are only accessible from a certain country? Let's say Dutch 0800 and 0900 numbers, that can't be dialed outside the Netherlands? (I'll find out soon ;))
    2. Is blocking the caller ID on the roadmap? As it's explicitly mentioned as not being part of this feature.

    We also need it to work with an IVR as Christopher mentioned. Some of our numbers make use of Zendesk's or an external IVR.

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    Caroline Kello (Edited )


    What could work is entering the IVR option in the "Ext" field when entering an external number that should be verified. Due to the timing of greetings and sending IVR keypresses, this could be a bit tricky to get right but it's an option. 

    Only other option I can think of is that you disable the IVR for the number you want to verify, and then enable it again once done. Not the greatest workaround perhaps but it is one. 



    I don't know the answer to that one so looking forward to what you'll find! Please keep me posted :) As in regard to your 2nd point; blocking caller ID hasn't made it on to the roadmap yet. I'd love to hear more about why blocking, instead of using a different, caller ID would be useful to you and your business.

    As regards to the IVR, see my reply above. Unfortunately Twilio (whose capabilities we're using for this feature) doesn't explicitly allow for passing through the IVR options when calling the number to be verified so unfortunately we're a little bit limited here.


    Hope this helps!


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    John G

    When will the function of adding our company name to the outbound caller ID be available, and what level plan will that be a feature?

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    Caroline Kello

    That functionality isn't available with Twilio yet, our telephony partner, and as such we unfortunately won't be able to build it natively. 

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