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    Demitrias Pais

    The Additional 'contact us' button configuration is a much needed update. Other than on articles and the article list, only on the article list - will there also be an option to have it ONLY on articles? I dont want it on the article list.

    Also, will the remember the date sample app be updated anytime soon with the latest updates?

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    Mathew Cropper

    Hey Demitrias. Sorry for the delay in replying!

    We don't plan on having a configuration option to remove the contact button from the article list. That's because the article list in our UI is designed to be the starting point of the user journey, and having to tap through to an article to get back to a list of tickets just doesn't make sense.

    Re: the Remember The Date apps, we have made the update on iOS, but are having some trouble getting the Android version published. We'll have that live as soon as we can.

    You can find the RTD source code here for iOS and here for Android. At the time of writing this comment, both have been updated to work with v1.10.01.

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